Personal approach

For maximum efficiency of your project, you will have a single point of contact from concept to completion.

Cost efficiency and value

By using our services you can save on the purchase of new furniture without compromising the interior design.

Project management

By planning our daily activities thoroughly we are able to quickly achieve the most challenging of targets.

Customer support

Reach out to us in the most convenient way for you by phone, email, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook or Linkedin.

The heart of design and construction: teamwork!

Our common goal requires a team that works together. Teamwork lies at the foundation of our ability to carry out tasks quickly and effectively.

Customer satisfaction

We not only strive to be the best at what we do, but we aim to be greater than what our customers expect. With our one of a kind designs we tell an intriguing story about the uniqueness of our customers and what they stand for.

Our Services

Most people don’t know where to start when it comes to interior design. They have an idea of what they want, but they struggle to materialize it. Designing and creating a high-end pleasing environment according to the latest international trends is where we can offer our expertise and knowledge. Having us guide you efficiently through the process of creating a most desirable atmosphere at your interior space will ensure a unique welcoming and comforting experience for you and each of your guests to remember and ultimately one they will want to come back to. To give you an idea of what to expect we’ve listed the steps of the entire interior design process from concept to completion.

To best determine the needs and wishes for your design, we’d like to meet you in person. That’s why we offer to arrange an introductory meeting with one of our interior designers, absolutely free of charge.

We believe that every customer has his or her own story to tell and that every story is unique. In our first meeting one of our interior designers will try to get a good notion of what story the finished design should resonate. We will discuss your preferences of building materials, styles, colours, furniture and use of spaces. This meeting is the first step to choosing the direction of your design project. With the gathered information you will hereafter receive a brief summary of the possibilities and advice for your interior.

Our skilled interior designers have professional knowledge, and accurately measure your shop, hotel, restaurant, office or home. The measurements are taken with millimetre precision. This crucial information sets the right foundations to start the design of your new interior.

We are able to present a preliminary design based on the collected information at the introductory meeting and the detailed measurements. You will receive different collages containing the proposed colours, style and materials. In addition a number of drawings with proposed layouts of the interior are also presented.

After receiving feedback on the preliminary design we modify the drawings accordingly, where necessary. Once the final concept is approved, we get started on making the 3D visualisations.

This is the most interesting and very exciting step of the whole project. The final design will be turned in to a photorealistic 3D visualisation. Meaning you get to see what your interior design will look like once it has been built. These detailed visualisations will be created for the main viewpoints in your project. The photorealistic visualisations are possible as we work with the latest software and technology.

For extensive interior modifications, it is recommended to consult professionals for the installation of heating, ventilation, cooling and electrical controls. You can suggest and choose a consultant, and if you wish we can also manage it. The advisors will be consulted and their opinions incorporated in the design. The sooner the advisors are consulted in the process, the more accurate the created 3D visualisations are. For optimal efficiency and best results, it is necessary to establish a well-coordinated collaboration between the architect and the engineers. The heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, water and electricity systems must be carefully considered and integrated into the project without compromising the design.

Some interior designs require a government approval. For example, the layout of the building is often part of the building’s protected status. We will take care of paperwork and request the permit.

To achieve your new interior, we produce a complete set of working documents required for the construction work. The design documents and building specifications are the starting point for a contract document between you and the contractor. It consists of at least a building description, floor plans, detail drawings, material and colour specifications. If necessary for the project you will also receive frame, electricity and ceiling drawings, and drawings of custom-made furniture. This is a small list of the most common documents in the specifications.

You must determine the budget for the new interior in advance. While designing the new interior we respect your budget without losing the focus on quality and appearance. Our designs are designed cost consciously yet are still practically sophisticated. Optionally we can make a detailed summary about the costs of your new interior. This may be desirable to use as a reference in a contract with one or more contractors.

We can arrange a traditional tender for you where multiple contractors are asked to make an offer. For smaller projects, it may suffice to request two or three quotes by contractors rather than organize a tender.

The ultimate goal for creating a visualised interior design is to see it actually get built. Making sure this happens, the progress of the contractor has to be monitored frequently. This is a part of the process which you can do yourself. However we also offer our services for this part as well. We know your project like no one else and have experience in the key concerns by supervision.

During the construction phase of your visualised interior design, you are the primary contact for the contractor. You are the project manager in the creation of the interior. For extensive projects, this can be very labour intensive and time consuming. Being the project manager may demand that you are on the site to make decisions. In addition to supervising, we can also take on the role as project manager. This may be desirable for you if you are unable to attend the site regularly.

If you want to rent out one or more rooms we compose rental plans for your spaces. We make rental plans that comply with local norms and standards.

In the event that that you have made a small change in the design during the project, we will take care of this change in design. You will receive a complete set of drawings on completion in accordance with the as-built project.